A strong man in Wulin

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"It doesn't matter whether you say that or not. What matters is the proportion of fame to morality.". To be honest, I admire you very much, and I have to admit that you are much better than me.

"It doesn't matter whether you say that or not. What matters is the proportion of fame to morality.". To be honest, I admire you very much, and I have to admit that you are much better than me. Zhu Shen's style made Tao Zhengzheng unable to perform the skills of humility and flattery. Tao Zhengzheng changed his tactics. He looked around first and then said, "You don't seem to have an assistant or an ambush." "Do I need it?" Zhu Shen put on a confused expression: "Did I say I had a hard time with you?"? If we can make peace with each other and even have a drink, why should I have any help? "Come on, don't pretend." Tao Zhengzheng seldom uses this kind of incisive attitude. Usually he likes to go around in a big circle and make others confused, but now it's others who go around in a big circle, so he has to do the opposite, and he has to hit the nail on the head, hoping to break the trap of the other side. "Brother Zhu Shen, now that you have shown your face, I hope you will be satisfied with what you have to say." "For you, it's a simple task. It doesn't take any effort at all." So what is it? If you speak out quickly, I can answer quickly. Isn't it wonderful? Don't worry, Shen Shentong won't have time to come out for a while. Besides,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, I never like to do things in a hurry. As the saying goes, there are mistakes in a hurry. You may not object to this sentence. Holding back his anger and the anxiety in his heart, Tao Zhengzheng said with a smile, "Yes, that's right.". I'm all for your style. What's the point of doing things in a hurry? "That's right!"! But if I were you, I wouldn't be able to act so relaxed. So I'm right to say that you're better than me. Why should I be in such a hurry? Even if Shen Shentong comes here,aluminium coated tubes, he seems to have no reason to do anything to me. Don't you agree with me? "Very much agreed." Zhu Shen smiled, "especially I agree, because you are a hot potato, if I can throw you back into Shen Shentong's hands, I really want it." "Why am I a hot potato?" There are as many as three reasons. Unfortunately, I can only tell you two at most. "Two are better than none. Go ahead." The first reason involves a woman. Do you actually know in your heart who this woman is? "I know." "That woman is Ma Yuyi, the concubine of Shen Shentong," said Tao Zhengzheng. As God is my witness, I have never seen her, nor do I know where she is. He sighed and added, "I know it's impossible, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,side impact door beams, but I still want you to believe it." "Of course I believe it." Zhu Shen's voice had no intention of joking, "because Shen Shentong had already returned to Ma Yuyi, so if you knew she was there, that would be strange." Tao Zhengzheng was really taken aback, as if he had been hit by a sucker punch: "So the woman you're talking about is not her?"? But who else could it be? Zhu Shen smiled and said, "He is the closest person to you.". In fact, it may not be really intimate. But in name she is. "Sparrow?" Tao Zhengzheng blurted out. For the sparrow is his wife in name, and of course is the most intimate person. What does she have to do with Shen Shentong or you? Have you considered that it is neither reasonable nor lawful to ask a husband for his wife? What right do you have to do this? "I'll just tell you so," said Zhu Shen. At the same time, I want you to write a letter to ask the Yan family to release him, and I don't care about anything else. Will you write this letter? Tao Zhengzheng hesitated for a moment and then said, "It's strange. The sparrow seems to be very powerful. All the people who help her and favor her are beyond their dreams.". I can write this letter, but do you know that she has a child? "Of course I know," said Zhu Shen. I heard it in person that day in Yanfu. It's a pity that you haven't arrived at Yan Fu yet, and you haven't seen sparrows yet. The meaning behind his words is as clear as black and white. Since the sparrow was pregnant at that time, Tao Zhengzheng had not yet seen her. Of course, this child can't be Tao Zhengzheng's. As for who the child belongs to, there is no hint. Tao Zhengzhi took off an emerald ring on his left ring finger and threw it to Zhu Shen. "This is a token," he said. When Yan Wen sees it, he will be willing to let it go, and he will never be wordy. "The milk is good." As Zhu Shen put away the emerald ring, he couldn't help thinking of the round and lovely face of the sparrow. Can Shen Shentong's arrangement save the little sparrow who is still young? Will her rough and rugged life become smooth from now on? At present, it is impossible to answer this question. So Zhu Shen added, "The second reason involves a man." "I can't guess this man wrong, can I?" "Exactly.". How can I find He Tong? If this sentence is asked by Shen Shentong, Tao Zhengzheng can coerce back some benefits. But Zhu Shen was not directly involved in the whirlpool, and the power to coerce him was reduced by more than half. Tao Zhengzheng thought about it and said, "Somewhere in the Acropolis of Tianjin, a signal can make him appear and meet.". But what good will it do me if I tell you? Zhu Shen smiled and said, "There are too many good things. At least Shen Shentong will immediately give up his determination to kill you." Anyone can use empty words and threats. However, Tao Zhengzheng personally experienced and learned that the golden abacus had arranged the sorcerer in advance, but suddenly exploded into pieces and turned into fly ash. It can be seen that Shen Shentong really has mysterious means, I really do not know how many first-class masters secretly help him? So the smartest way is to believe that Shen Shentong has enough help to kill anyone, including Tao Zhengzheng himself. So Tao Zhengzheng cleverly said the place and the secret signal, and then waited for the following with a wry smile. Zhu Shen was silent for a moment and suddenly moved his left hand out of his back. He was holding a knife in his hand, which was the "sad demon knife" that Shen Shentong had thrown away. " My knife skills are passable. Zhu Shen said,side impact beams, "There is also a more terrible sword in the hands of Sima Wuying, a master of Wudang.". Sima swept the battle array for me. Like me, he wants to know how you deal with the sword of the sad demon? This is the third reason. 。 cbiesautomotive.com