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The arrogance of the Major General when he spoke just now directly angered the fat man, who even wanted to go over and slap the guy in the face!

The arrogance of the Major General when he spoke just now directly angered the fat man, who even wanted to go over and slap the guy in the face! But he knew that now was not the time for him to get angry, but when he heard Liu Fei's retort, he laughed unscrupulously. Then, driven by Liu, the whole team of Dongning Municipal Party Committee and the people of Dongning City also burst into laughter, and some people began to applaud Liu Fei! No one would have thought that Liu Fei, who has always been pleasant to the common people and impartial to corrupt officials, would have such a sharp side in the face of these people! Although many people feel that it is more and more difficult to demolish Longgang Yiyuan Villa Community, many people are excited to see Liu Fei's performance now! They already feel that no matter how the situation deteriorates, Liu Fei, the member of the Municipal Party Committee, will always stand with everyone! Listening to the chaotic applause and the laughter full of sarcasm, the Major General's face became gloomy. He said coldly: "My name is Fan Hailong, a Major General of the General Staff Department. As for my unit designation, you have no right to know. As for my certificate, you have no right to check it. I now formally inform you of the Dongning Municipal Party Committee on behalf of the military." This place involves the military facilities and military secrets of our military. Please stop all demolition immediately in Dongning City, otherwise you will bear the consequences! After hearing this, Liu Fei just smiled faintly: "Oh, so you are General Fan of a certain unit of the General Staff Department. It's really disrespectful!" Despite his disrespect,Nail machine manufacturer, Liu Fei's face did not show any respect. Instead, he said to Long Meizi, "Long Meizi, what rank were you before you retired?" Long Meizi smiled faintly: "Major General!" Liu Fei nodded and asked, "Long Meizi, if someone in the military leads a team to carry out a mission, especially to a place to carry out a mission, what process does it need to go through?" Long Meizi smiled faintly: "If it is a non-secret military mission,nail manufacturing machine, it is necessary to inform the place!"! Especially when local interests are involved, we must say hello to the local authorities! For classified military tasks at different levels, it is also necessary to properly communicate with the top leaders of local Party committees! In order to avoid misunderstanding. When Long Meizi finished, Liu Fei said with a smile, "Oh, yes, but I remember when you went out on a mission, you never informed the place!" Long Meizi looked at Fan Hailong coldly and said disdainfully: "Because I take my people out to carry out the task without greeting the leaders of any other department or place!" Watching Liu Fei and Long Meizi singing and talking beside him, Fan Hailong listened to a smattering of knowledge, but he understood one thing, that is, the woman in front of him was once a major general, and she had retired! But when his eyes swept over Longmeizi's body, he found that the woman in front of him was only over 30 years old. It was reasonable to say that at her age, iron nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, no matter what she did, she should not have such a high level! Therefore, he decided that the Dongning Municipal Party Committee in front of him might be deceiving himself, so he said coldly: "Hey, Liu Fei, what do you mean? Did you listen to what I just said?"? I now solemnly warn you to withdraw all demolition machinery immediately. When he spoke, Fan Hailong's tone revealed a strong threat. And the four soldiers with live ammunition in his hands, at this time, also suddenly and uniformly stepped forward at the same time, issued a click of neat footsteps, both hands clenched the gun handle, eyes all fell on Liu Fei. Suddenly, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly became tense. At the moment, because the people are far away from Liu Fei and Fan Hailong, and the voice of Liu Fei and Long Meizi was intentionally lowered when they talked just now, so they didn't hear what Liu Fei and Long Meizi were saying, but they saw that after Liu Fei finished, the Major General's face became serious, especially when he spoke loudly. People are heard, so many people are beginning to worry about Liu Fei, and some people are pushing forward to protect Liu Fei. See the other side actually put on a threatening formation, Liu Fei's eyes narrowed up. He stood there with his head held high and turned a blind eye to the cold eyes of the soldiers. He just said lightly, "I'm sorry, you are the local government, and there is no relationship between you. You have no right to order our local government to do things. If you think there are military facilities here, we can't demolish them." Then please show the relevant proof materials of the military to our Dongning Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government or to the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, otherwise, I will only treat what you say as air! And I will immediately lodge a protest with the General Staff and question your identity! As he spoke, Liu Fei said to Long Meizi, "Long Meizi, do you know the leader of the General Staff Department?" Long Meizi nodded: "Know some." Liu Fei said: "Well, then immediately contact them to confirm the identity of Fan Hailong, and make a serious protest about Fan Hailong carrying soldiers to threaten the Dongning Municipal Committee." "Good!" Without saying a word, Longmeizi took out her cell phone and prepared to make a call! At this time, after hearing the conversation between Liu Fei and Long Meizi, Fan Hailong's face changed a little! Like Wang Fen, he, as a peripheral force that had been vigorously promoted by the Department, was only for Ceng Yike today. He thought he was in uniform, with the name of Major General and several soldiers with live ammunition. Even if Dongning was tough, he had to consider the attitude of the military. Ceng Yike also thought so. But he absolutely did not want this matter to reach the ears of the leaders of the General Staff Department today. So, when he saw that Long Meizi was going to call the leader of the General Staff Department, he panicked! No matter whether the woman opposite was telling the truth or lying, he dared not take the risk! So he quickly took out his pistol, aimed the muzzle at Longmeizi, and said coldly,High Speed Nail Making Machine, "I warn you, you'd better put down the phone!" At this time, the four soldiers also aimed their guns at Liu Fei.