The gangster president

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"Finally, he chose the design he was most satisfied with from hundreds of designs, and then took all the money to South Africa to select the best diamonds, and finally completed the" Angel Heart ".

"Finally, he chose the design he was most satisfied with from hundreds of designs, and then took all the money to South Africa to select the best diamonds, and finally completed the" Angel Heart ". Unexpectedly, the day before signing up, Abelo stole the necklace and the design that my father had worked so hard to complete, and signed up for the jewelry design contest in his own name. 'Angel Heart 'also lived up to expectations and won the Best Design Award. The name of Abelo became famous overnight in the jewelry industry and became a famous jewelry designer worshipped by everyone. "What about your father?" "He was betrayed by the woman he loved the most. He was like a different person. He drank all the time. When I was six years old, he was beaten to death by a group of black people on the streets of New York." "How could you know these things when you were so young?" "After my father died, a friend who used to drink with him took me with him and taught me to steal for a living. He told me all these things." Hostu's face was expressionless, but there was a casual flash of pain in his eyes. Yi Ming can't imagine what kind of life he is living, a child who is only a few years old, actually stealing for a living?! "That's why you let the kid go when he stole my wallet?" She understood that it was his good side, but also a kind of heart to heart. Hostu nodded. When I was ten years old, I was also caught stealing, but instead of sending me to the police station, the man adopted me and gave me a stable home, so I had the chance to go back to school. If I hadn't met him, I might still be a gangster living in New York by stealing and fighting. "Your mother-" as soon as he mentioned his mother, he saw his face change slightly, and she quickly changed her words. I mean Abelo. Has she never come to you? "If she had come to us,Nail machine supplier, my father would not have died in the street." That's why he hates her so much. How could she be so gentle and beautiful in the magazine, and how could she be so fond of Mortensen that she could be cruel to abandon another of her own flesh and blood? She can't understand the simplicity. She stole all the designs from my father, won the prize, went back to Paris and founded Abelo Jewellery, and every piece she designed in her name over the years was made by my father. "Is everything you say true?" She couldn't believe that the work of the jewelry designer she admired most was not original! "Ming Hyun, I'm sorry!"! I shouldn't have used you to get back at Abelo. "But I don't understand. You definitely have the ability to beat her in the design contest. Why did you come to me?" I promised my father that I would never go the same way as him. When my adoptive father passed away, he handed over his company to me, and it was my duty to continue to run it. And your dream is to be a jewelry designer, and you can fulfill your dream, and I can avenge my father for her betrayal of him. This thing is really too shocking! "What else do you want to know when my story is over?" "There is one last thing I want you to tell me honestly." Her eyes sparkled, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail machine manufacturers, so expectant, yet so afraid of being hurt. OK "Did you know I would fall in love with you?" "It was an accident. I never thought you would fall in love with me." He answered honestly that although he knew that the truth might hurt her, the deception did more harm. Was it an accident? When he gazed at her with a pair of melancholy blue eyes, he should have known that no woman could resist them. Isn't Pai the same as her, so she fell in love with him? How could he say so easily that it was just an accident! "Ming-" Would you please go back first? I need time to digest it. "I know." He got up and left without so much as saying goodbye. Because he didn't know, would she ever want to see him again? Chapter 6 Author: Blue Yi Mingxuan found that she could not think of a thought at all, and when she could not see Hostu, she missed him so much that her heart ached. But when I saw him, I would think that he used his mother as a pawn in order to get back at her. Even though he had a sympathetic story, I still couldn't help blaming him and hating him. She knew that she could not continue to see him under such circumstances. Time flies, Christmas is coming, the school has a week's vacation during Christmas, she simply asked for three more days off from school, bought a plane ticket, went directly to Vienna to find Mo, and then went to Italy to meet with friends. I'm at the Vienna airport now. Come and pick me up quickly. Yi Mingxuan calls Tong Mo when she arrives at the airport, and then waits for her friend to pick her up in the arrival hall of the airport. Two hours later, Tong Mo, panting and out of breath, rushed into the airport lobby and shuttled around her figure. Yi Mingxuan saw her first and stood up and waved to her. Mo, I'm here. As soon as Tong Mo heard his friend's voice, he trotted in her direction. Why did you come all of a sudden without saying anything? What if I'm not at home? "If you're not here, I'll buy a plane ticket and wait for you in Italy first!" Ming, did something happen? You don't look so good? "Mo, I'm so tired. Shall we go back to your place first and let me sleep first?" She hasn't had a good night's sleep these days. Even though her heart and body are tired and tired, she still can't sleep well, so she can't bear it. All right, let's go back first. Tong Mo picked up the suitcase on the ground for her, took her to the parking lot, and got into the car she borrowed from her roommate to go home first. Back to the place where Tong Mo lived, she first put a jar of hot water, let the tired friend soak in a hot bath, as for what, or wait for her to have a good sleep first,Coil nail machine, wake up and say it. Perhaps because there are friends around, Yi Mingxuan after taking a bath, lying in bed for a few minutes to fall asleep.