Kong Zhi (Nvzun) Author: Yan Jiu

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Original Title: Zhang Guofu: Add Brilliance to China's Revitalization of Drilling Tools Zhang Guofu: Add Brilliance to China's

Han Jishu nodded, feeling a little ridiculous in his heart, his marriage life is very unusual, I am afraid that no one will believe it. The virtuous main room actively advised the side room to take care of the body and get pregnant; the dutiful side room was in power but not arrogant; the fair wife master, who stayed in the room for the same days as each husband, now entrusted the pregnant main room to the side room to take care of. Had he not seen his father's precautions against serving his son in his own home and heard all kinds of stories about the uneasiness of the inner house in the home of his relatives and friends, he would not have felt lucky to take off his precautions easily and treat Jiang Huan and Kong Liangli sincerely. Those two people are sincere to him, and they really treat him as a family. Looking at the two people's love, I occasionally feel lonely. 8 f In fact, it was after Han sent the book that he realized that he had a very important position in Jiang Huan's heart. When he first entered the mansion, he wondered why Jiang Huan's servant was not here. Wait until the day of consummation, Jiang Huan action is very rusty, still frowning. Although Han Jishu was a few years older than her, he didn't know much about the love of fish and water. He was so frightened that he didn't notice that he was Jiang Huan's servant. Jiang Huan is an affectionate person who is not too affectionate. Although she has pity for every man, she is not a womanizer. Qufu, the old residence of the Kong family. In Laotaijun's room, Kong Ling and Kong Lianglian were beside Laotaijun, chattering with him. Ren and Guo are also here. Perhaps because of finding her daughter, Ren's spirit is much better than before. Kong Liangzhi, the son of the Huang family, was eleven years old. The year before last, he performed the yuan Fu ceremony. Sitting behind the two uncles, he faintly showed the demeanor of everyone's son. The old man's face was full of joy, smiling from ear to ear, looking at his little granddaughter,Drive in racking system, not enough. Blood nature, there is no way to isolate, see the first sight of Kong Ling, he knew that the voice of the child is the little granddaughter lost in swaddling clothes. Look, what did the master say in those days? I still want my sister to shelter me, don't I. Happy events come in pairs. Two granddaughters who have been missing for a long time have returned safely. How can the old lady not rejoice? As for the experience of these years, although Kong Zhi was only vague, the old man looked at her thin body and knew that she must have suffered a lot. The next day after the return of the Kong Zhi sisters, Kong Ju fell ill,Pallet rack supplier, and Kong Zhi took over the external affairs of the old house. The days of the inner house were as usual, managed by Kong Ju's husband, Huang Shi. The people in the courtyards did not feel any different from the past, except that there were more attendants who asked for leave, and sometimes there was a shortage of manpower. Miss Sun was in charge as a matter of course, and how could the servants in the mansion dare to criticize her casually. After all, there are unwilling, such as Guo's father, two young ladies back, Ren's status greatly improved, Guo and Guo's son is not as important as in the past. Therefore, knowing that there were many waiters who asked for leave, he gloated, believing that it was because Kong Zhi could not convince the public. The old residence of the Kong family did not have as many rules as the Wenxuan Mansion in the capital, but there were more than 150 servants and women in the front yard and the inner yard. In the short ten days that Kong Zhi returned, a total of thirty-five people disappeared one after another, including ten guards, Narrow aisle rack ,heavy duty racking system, nine servants, six attendants, four servants, two bookkeepers, two buyers, one clerk and one master. I didn't see so many people for no reason, and there were all kinds of rumors. Later, when I learned from the steward that these people had asked for personal leave, some people began to speculate that it was the third lady and the third young lady who were fighting for power. Although the third young lady and the fourth young lady who had just returned to the mansion were concubines, they were the daughters of the Duke's wife who had gone, and it was perfectly justified to inherit their mother's title. In that case, the eldest young lady under the third lady's knee would have to abdicate obediently. Gossip spread to the ears of Kong Ju and Kong Zhi, both of whom were unworthy of defense, more like the speculation of the people in the house. While Laotaijun was enjoying the happiness of his family, Kong Zhi had a headache in the front courtyard. Located in the southwest corner of the old house, it used to be used as a guest room. It is a relatively independent two-entry courtyard with a corner door on the west wall. Kong Zhi was already sixteen years old, and it was not easy to hang out in the inner courtyard. When he returned to the mansion, he stayed here temporarily. This is a forbidden place in the mansion, guarded by several guards brought back by Kong Zhi from outside the mansion. No one is allowed to go in or out except Kong Zhi and the gull boat. Kong Zhi sat in his chair, looking at the list in his hand and thinking deeply. Because she took her sister suddenly back to the house, the "ghosts" in the house spread the news one after another, and Ah Yin had already arranged around the old house with people. Within a few days, more than a dozen guys were caught delivering letters, and then one by one, more than thirty were caught in the old house, and more than forty in Qufu. Those inside the mansion were all locked up in this guest house, and those outside the mansion were locked up in Zheng Chun's house. Except for the nine people who committed suicide immediately after they were caught, who did not know their identities, the others got 7788. Behind the master is very complex, the Kong family is divided into several places, there are Chang'an Kong Zhu people, there are Kang and Jun Jun people, there is Kong Sha people, Jiang Huan people; outside the Kong family, there is Liang family, Chu family, Cui family, Han family, Wu family and Shen family. The people in the royal family were also involved, and two of them were the people of the third princess, Jiang Shu. Regardless of the enemy and ourselves, almost all the families in the capital have eyes, but there is nothing to be surprised about. But why is there no one from Beining Hou Feng's family? In addition, there is no Qingyuan Emperor and the two princesses. It seems that the nine who died were the disciples of these families. Only the royal spies are dead, Beining Hou Fu is quiet and inactive, or bother to cultivate dead? In addition to having doubts, Kong Zhi was mainly worried about how to deal with these people, and could not kill them all according to Ah Yin's opinion. The misfortune of the Kong family at that time also had a great impact on Ah Yin. His face was less smiling and his temper was a little more cruel. Apart from Kong Zhi, she lost trust in the rest of the Kong family. Whether it was Kong Zhu's people or Kong Sha's people, she was not polite when she extorted confessions. Compared with the spies of other families, she was more severe. The gull boat, who knew Kong Zhi's mind best, took out a palm-sized porcelain bottle from his bosom and put it on the table. When Kong Zhi got it to play with, he listened to Ou Zhou's introduction: "This was prepared for a while after seeing'Forgetting Sichuan ',Narrow aisle rack, but the process was a little tedious, and it was very difficult to prepare the antidote.". Even if the efficacy is not as good as'Forgetting Sichuan ', it should be almost the same! 。 omracking.com